Traffic and parking

The parking in the area around the festival grounds is not sufficient. Often, it will be easier to use public transportation.

Park in Pillnitz: Bicycles are not allowed in the park. Parking spots for bicycles are marked. The park and the promenade along the river will be opened to festival visitors only during the week-end.

Tickets @ Eventim

Tickets @ Eventim


The Elbhangfest, the festival along the Elbe river, extends from the bridge Blaues Wunder up to Pillnitz, making it a 7 kilometer long fairground.
The three main stages are in Loschwitz, Wachwitz and Pillnitz. In between, there are numerous events of all kinds, wine tastings, great food, and much more.

  • Parade
    from Loschwitz to Pillnitz
  • Music
    classical and modern; folk, rock, electronics, etc.
  • Dance
  • Exhibits
  • Sports
  • Offers for Family and children
  • and more!