Our association is also facing up to the current challenges facing society as a whole on the topic of inclusion during the festival weekends in order to gradually make it more accessible and tangible for people with disabilities.

A variety of inclusive offers

A special highlight are the inclusive shows on the Pillnitz Water Stage and the readings with sign language interpreters.

We regularly offer inclusive tours for the blind, visually impaired and deaf in Pillnitz, which are open to all interested festival visitors.
At the Pillnitz Knowledge Campus there are barrier-free offerings for deaf people.

We also have inclusive programmes for children, such as the Children’s Sound Worlds with a deaf magician


Elbhangfest 2022 —
Sign language video (in German)

Logo Scouts Gebärdensprache für Alle

The sign language video for the festival was created by
Scouts – Sign Language for All.

Events (in German)

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This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the members of the Saxon State Parliament.