Advanced sale prices

    Advance sale prices 2017 (until June 20):

  • Ticket for the whole festival 10.00 Euro (plus advance sale fee)
  • Reduced price for school and university students as well as retirees 9.00 Euro
  • Children up to 18 are free.

Locations for advance ticket sale: SAX-Ticket, ticket center (Konzertkasse) Florentinum and Schillerplatz, ticket center in the Kulturpalast (Ticketzentrale), etc. The locations for advance ticket sale for the opening and the closing concerts are the same.

Regular tickets:


  • Evening ticket: 9.00 Euro /7.00 Euro
  • 3-day pass: 14.00 Euro / 12.00 Euro


  • day pass: 13.00 Euro /11.00 Euro
  • 3-day pass: 14.00 Euro /12.00 Euro
  • Late Evening ticket: 6.00 Euro


  • Day pass: 12.00 Euro  / 10.00 Euro

The tickets consist of a no-tear bracelet, which is only valid when closed and worn around the wrist. Please keep the bracelet at all times, and leave it on during the night if you intend to return to the festival the next day.

Tickets @ Eventim

Tickets @ Eventim


The Elbhangfest, the festival along the Elbe river, extends from the bridge Blaues Wunder up to Pillnitz, making it a 7 kilometer long fairground.
The three main stages are in Loschwitz, Wachwitz and Pillnitz. In between, there are numerous events of all kinds, wine tastings, great food, and much more.

  • Parade
    from Loschwitz to Pillnitz
  • Music
    classical and modern; folk, rock, electronics, etc.
  • Dance
  • Exhibits
  • Sports
  • Offers for Family and children
  • and more!